The Great Northern

The Great Northern Distribution is a cooperation by six Oslo based record companies for distribution of our music.

The six great northern record companies are:

- Apocalyptic Empire Records

- Duplicate Records

- Fresh Tea

- No Posers Please

- Polypus Records

- Unborn Productions

Please note we are NOT a distribution company for other labels, so please do not ask us to distribute your band/ label in Norway.
The Great Northern Distribution is only set up to spread the releases from our 6 labels across the world and this site will features news and information about all 6 labels.
If you are a mailorder/ distribution/ record-store or simply want to buy our releases to sell/ distribute in your region you can contact us here.
Other label/ trade/ order/ distribution enquiries should be addressed to the labels individually.


Apocalyptic Empire Records

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Duplicate Records

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Fresh Tea

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No Posers Please

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Polypus Records

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Unborn Productions

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  • POL001
  • astaroth-chaosatanas
  • POL003: Kvalvaag - Noema
  • Blindfisted cover
  • Morbo
  • tusmørke spectral
  • virus oblivion
  • execration
  • dødsverk
  • furze
  • infant death
  • diskord
  • diskord dooms
  • exectration odes
  • lobotomized
  • sahg
  • The Chronicles
  • whip unholy
  • ørkenkjøtt
  • assembly
  • gravlund
  • reptilian
  • gangrenator
  • infant war
  • mions hill
  • sabbat
  • outcast
  • esoterica
  • ritual
  • power
  • beyond
  • tusmørke offer
  • cobolt
  • carniwhore
  • bomeros




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